Lyme: Herxing & Detoxing

I want to share a good resource I found that covers various options for detox support during a Herx Reaction (aka “die off” – when the Lyme is being killed off, it creates toxins and your body can’t get rid of them fast enough, making you feel flu-y and absolutely horrible).

The past couple weeks I have been having intense Die Off symptoms from taking Byron White’s AL Complex. Usually die off comes during the start of a new supplement, but I’ve been on this Lyme treatment for months, so it caught me completely off guard. Herx symptoms can be very hard to differentiate from Lyme symptoms, as they are basically the same for me: intense fatigue, muscle and joint aches, insane brain fog (I have felt like a complete moron lately and can’t think straight), eczema, anxiety, digestiion issues, increased tinnitus, to name a few – so it took me several days to figure out it was die off rather than a return of symptoms. However, when I upped my detoxing regimen and stopped the AL Complex, the symptoms subsided, and I knew it is a Herx.

When experiencing a Herx Reaction, it’s crucial to do as much as possible to help your body detox. However, when you have brain fog, it’s easy to forget all the tricks, but I found a great list of options here:

And here is some more info on detoxing in general (sometimes too much can make you feel bad too – it’s a balance!)

I have had good success with a combination of Activated Charcoal (at least 1 hour away from meds and food because it absorbs all nutrients, bad and good), skin brushing, upping water intake (with lemon), Alka Seltzer Gold, hot epsom salt baths, Glutathion (S-Acetyl form), occasional sauna use, eating a clean, inflammatory diet (which is a modified version of Paleo for me), supporting digestion with digestive enzyme and probiotics, making sure my digestive tract is working efficiently and eliminating waste using a combo of Magnesium citrate, Aloe capsules and Slippery Elm, and getting PLENTY of rest. My doctor also recommended Burbur, which I am going to give a go.

Time for a nap now. Apologies for any grammar and spelling errors – blame the brain fog! (which I just typed as “gof”)

I’d love to hear of any detox methods you find helpful, and would also love to learn more about juicing.