Welcome to my sleepy kitchen, a blog about a wheat lover’s adventures in gluten free and whole foods cooking. In 2011 I decided to go gluten free and use nutrition as a tool to help me overcome Chronic Fatigue (aka CFS, ME/Myalgic encephalomyelitis, Post Viral Fatigue/PVF – call it what you will!). Though mainly featuring gluten free recipes, my sleepy kitchen also includes information I’ve accumulated on how to beat fatigue and live a healthier life. The idea of life without wheat was once my worst nightmare, but with a little research and the help of my husband Gary, our library of trusty cookbooks and my new best friends, rice & gluten free oats, I have come to realize the gluten isn’t necessary to make amazing food! There are so many great gluten free blogs out there – this is my spin on delicious & nutritious gluten free cooking.

In February 2011, I became very ill with CFS and life as I knew it came grinding to a halt. Luckily, now I am on the road to recovery, and I credit a large part of my success to a gluten free, whole foods diet; as I started to recover, I began cooking a lot in my free time and began to accumulate a large store of gluten free recipes. I have collected an incredible amount of information about nutrition and CFS, so I decided to start this blog to share this knowledge with others experience similar problems  –  and anyone interested in trying some new recipes!

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Please feel free to get in touch with me if you have any topics that you would like to see in future posts! Leave any recipe comments or Q’s in the original post, and I’ll get back to you there. Otherwise, send me an email at sarah.humph[at]gmail.com

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