I’ve been intrigued by the idea of Green Smoothies recently; I like the idea of getting so much fruit and leafy greens into one drink, but was hesitant to try one (how could spinach in a smoothie possibly taste good?!) However, this post from The Veggie Nook convinced me to give them a go. I made this recipe for lunch today and it tasted amazing! Aside from the colour, I had no idea that there was any spinach lurking in my smoothie, and the cinnamon made it taste amazing. I’ll definitely be trying more green smoothie recipes, and encourage you to try making one yourself.

the veggie nook

Happy weekend everyone! I hope you have been enjoying some good weather like I have here. Summer’s on the way, I can feel it!

I created this smoothie recipe quite a while ago actually but have been waiting for a while to post it. I made it first here, but because I wanted to tweak it until it was perfect I never posted it. Then I decided it was so good, I sent the recipe to my foodie penpals and wanted to make sure they got to make it first before I shared it on the blogosphere. I can say it was very well received. Cher gave it two thumbs up and you can read what she said here on my foodie penpals reveal post! I’m not sure what Megan thought but hopefully she enjoyed it too!

And without further ado, I give you the oatmeal raisin cookie green…

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